Monday, September 26, 2005

Herbs in the Window

We had some herbs in our kitchen window that were in the pots they came in when we bought them, and they weren't very nice. This weekend, we went to Bauhaus, which is basically a foreign (German) Home Depot, and bought a window box and some potting soil, so that the plants could grow in the sun on our kitchen window sill.

Kitchen Garden

Only half an hour after we had potted the plants in their new home, the basil, which was drooping over the edge of its pot, was standing almost straight up, and the coriander, which had turned a little bit yellow was back to it's original bright green.

Bauhaus must have some awesome, bionic potting soil!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

We Miss Our Dog!

Since we were moving to Prague our little dog, Woodsy, was temporarily left at my grandmother's place in Washington DC, where he will stay until we can figure out some way to get him into The Czech Republic.

The problem is that everyday, my mom and I see something that reminds us of Woodsy. For example, the other night my mom walked by my room and saw my backpack out of the corner of her eye and thought for a second that it was our little dog and almost said, "Hi Woodsy."

This just goes to show how much we love that little dog! We miss him something awful.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Painful Bike Ride Through the Scenic Czech Coutryside

Yesterday I went on a bike ride with my mom's student, Pavel through the Czech countryside. While we were driving to the spot where we'd meet up with his wife we discussed the options of trails he had given us, the first was "shorter but harder" and the second was "longer but easier".

When we got to the hill we were supposed to climb I started thinking "I wonder what the shorter but harder one would have been like," because the hill was not overly steep but kept going for a few kilometers (estimation) and was covered in loose mud from the rain the day before.

Long story short our butts really hurt by the end of the beginning part of the ride. It was worth it though, the view from top was spectacular. I could see for miles through the clean Czech air. While we sat and ate our snack at the top of the hill a family went by who said they were hunting for mushrooms. Apparently the knowledge of which mushrooms are poisonous and which are edible is passed from parent to child, it's just one of their many traditions, here in the Czech Republic.

When we returned to town where Pavel and his wife live, we walked up to a park where they kept three huge brown bears. When one came out of the house that was used as their den, it basically looked harmless, and like a huge teddy bear that would collapse from sheer exhaustion. We stayed for a while and walked back to the house and went home for a snack.

What a nice day!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Greetings from Prague

I've just moved to Prague. It's a city full of beautiful, old buildings, tourists and dogs that are short, long, and low to the ground.

Here I am on a tram in Vinohrady:

And here is a picture of Prague:

I'll update soon with more thrilling details!